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14 Nov 2020

This Week In Tech: 11142020

Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Apple Event The Tech News Source
Spotify buying Megaphone The Verge TechCrunch
EU sues Amazon over anti-trust San Diego Union-Tribune TechCrunch
Epic/Apple Update MacRumors
Trudeau Promises To Connect 98% of Canadians To High-Speed Internet By 2026

Other News

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Walmart and GM’s Cruise team up for autonomous-car grocery delivery TechCrunch The Verge VentureBeat
Virgin Hyperloop runs first passenger test ZDNet CNET
Google Photos to end photo uploads next June 9to5Google Android Central
Waze CEO to leave company TechCrunch
Huawei might be selling off Honor phone line TechCrunch

Cut Stories

Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Apple pauses relations with Pegatron over labor issues FT DigiTimes The Verge
FTC and Zoom settle over security concerns The Register The Hill Ars Technica
News on Tim Burners-Lee’s Solid project The Register PCMag ZDNet
TikTok update TechCrunch
Bridenstine leaving NASA Ars Technica
Next time, we'll talk about "What Tiger King can teach us about x86 Assembly"