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09 Feb 2022

This Week In Tech: 02092022


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U.S. Court of Appeals declines to rehear October Net Neutrality ruling Reuters
Uber Q4 Earnings Ars Technica Uber Investor Relations
It’s the end of Blackberry devices Again The Verge
Google Takeout issues Ars Technica
Alphabet Earnings
LinkedIn CEO Stepping Down Wired LinkedIn PR
Disney Streaming News Yahoo Finance TechCrunch
Microsoft Reorg ZDNet
Huawei Suing Verizon under patent infringement The Verge
Twitter Q4 Earning TechCrunch
Instagram Partner Program in prototyping stage TechCrunch
Uber Transit The Verge Uber Newsroom

Other News

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Google Photos Monthly Prints Engadget
Apple devs can now bundle apps The Verge
Nintendo postponed shipments of the Animal Crossing Varient of the Switch do to manufacturing shutdown due to coronavirus Engadget
Netfilx adds option to disable autoplay previews TechCrunch
Apple CarKey API 9to5Mac
Next time, we'll talk about "What Tiger King can teach us about x86 Assembly"