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06 Apr 2020

This Week In Tech: 04062020


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COVID-19 5 minute test approved by FDA The Verge Engadget
Warren campaign open sources campaign tools Wired Engadget TechCrunch
Rumour: Nintendo tod release many remastered Mario games this year The Next Web
SunRISE Mission NASA Spaceflight CNET
Sciencists use AI to transform brian waves into text The Next Web
Microsoft 365 for Consumers TechCrunch Bleeping Computer Android Police
Spotify Kids app launches in Canada, the US and, France TechCrunch The Verge CNET
New York AG sends zoom letter on security concerns New York Times Business Insider The Street
Zoom may be leaking your Windows 10 sign in details Windows Central Zoom Blog
Zoom is committing to a 90-day feature freeze to fix security issues - 4/1/2020 The Register Computerworld
John Legere Leaves T-Mobile Ars Technica CNBC
T-Mobile closes Sprint merger New York Times MacRumors Thurrott
10 Years of iPad MacRumors Engadget

Interesting Thing of the Week

Other News

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HQ is Back Axios CNET Engadget
Google not selling Pixel 3 anymore Android Police 9to5Google
Microsoft News Bar Windows Central The Verge
OnePlus hardware event on April 14 Android Police
Slack csn now intigrate with Microsoft Teams The Verge Windows Central
Facebook Messenger app now on Mac & PC The Verge TechCrunch Engadget
Disney+ will stop cropping old episodes of The Simpsons Collider Engadget SlashGear


Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
COVID-19 5 minute test approved by FDA The Verge Engadget
Apple now lets you use purchase media through Amazon Prime Video in the TV app without dev fees Computerworld
Apple may have Accidentally leaked AirTags The Next Web Engadget Macworld
Next time, we'll talk about "What Tiger King can teach us about x86 Assembly"