TNS Link Dumps

25 Oct 2020

This Week In Tech: 10252020


Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Last Week: Google anti-trust The Verge Techdirt
UK bans sales of carrier locked phones BBC The Verge PR
AMD Radeon 6000 Event Post on TNS
Tech Earnings
Google Wall Street Journal Android Central 9to5Google
Apple - Thursday Yahoo Finance Six Colors 9to5Mac

Space News

Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Water on the Moon Universe Today The Verge Technology Review PR: NASA
OSIRIS-REx successfully stows sample The Verge PR: NASA

Interesting Thing of the Week

Other News

Headline Site
Netflix increases subscription cost The Verge / Polygon
T-Mobile TVision Streaming service The Verge
Netflix working on Assassin’s Creed TV show Netflix PR
Ford to unveil electric delivery van November 12th The Verge / Ford PR
Nitro Data Breach Bleeping Computer
Project Zero discloses Win7-10 Zero Day Ars Technica
Facebook cloud gaming PC Gamer
Next time, we'll talk about "10 Reasons why gcc SHOULD be re-written in JavaScript - You won't believe #8!"