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12 Apr 2020

This Week In Tech: 04122020


Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Updates Press Releases
Quibi Launch Android Police The Verge Launch Day outage: TechCrunch
Boeing to re-fly Starliner Demo Mission TechCrunch The Verge
New PS5 Controller 4/7/2020 The Verge The Next Web Ars Technica PlayStation Blog
Rocket Lab successfully catches Electron booster The Verge TechCrunch Rocket Lab PR
Stadia free launches - 4/8/2020 The Verge 9to5Google Google PR

Other News

Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
OriginPC 12-Core Laptop
E3 2020 digital event cancelled and 2021 date revealed Windows Central
Disney Plus passes 50M subs TechCrunch Engadget
Google Duplex coming to UK, Austrailia and, Canada The Verge 9to5Google The Next Web


Headline Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Swarm Technologies get approved for launch - 4/6/2020 Engadget TechCrunch
NatGeo@Home - 4/6/2020 TechCrunch National Geographic Partners NatGeo@Home
WhatsApp limiting how many times a message can be forwarded - 4/7/2020 The Verge WhatsApp Blog
Microsoft buys - 4/7/2020 Windows Central
Next time, we'll talk about "What Tiger King can teach us about x86 Assembly"